GRACE: It’s More than an Acronym

By Christina Grote
The practice of GRACE is the opening move of the ITP Kata: Ground, Relax, Aware, Center and Energize. These steps can be called into action any time we need to come into the present moment. Beyond the acronym, grace is a powerful energy, a transmission of divine love or a higher consciousness that is freely given, often unexpectedly, received but not directly earned. ITPI board member and co-author of Living an Extraordinary Life Christina Grote talks about how ITP practices open us up to grace.

It Begins with GROUND

By Dusty Niles
The Kata begins with grounding – a powerful and profound place to begin. ITP practitioner Dusty Niles describes how grounding activates a source of energy alive within us all. It also activates imagination and so much more.

Relaxing in Extraordinary Times

By Armando Cardenas
Relaxing during GRACE is not just about physical relaxation; it’s about letting go of tension and emotions. Armando Cardenas, of ITPI México, describes what RELAX feels like for him and how its effects ripple through his daily life.

AWARE: Lessons for the Athlete

By Matthew Steinbach
ITP practitioner Matthew Steinbach takes what he’s gleaned about awareness for the Kata and endeavors to pass it on to his students of golf. He sees awareness in three dimensions: the inner self, the outer self, and the loss of self in the time-space continuum. “I have the honor and privilege to coach high performance student-athletes in a crucial/transitional time in their lives and while the journey begins with the game of golf, through an integral model focused on building awareness, I hope to guide them to a greater purpose in life’s journey.”

CENTER in the Practice of GRACE

By Lois Martin
Lois Martin, member of Tulsa ITP, considers how centering creates a sense of balance and harmony. This is preparation for the Kata. It also is preparation for starting a new day. “My centering creates space to be who I am and to feel the energies of the present moment.”

Energized Presence and the Practice of GRACE

By Jill Robinson
The last step of GRACE at the beginning of the Kata is ENERGIZE. ITPI member Jill Robinson describes it as “a calm, yet alert sense of aliveness.” This energy sets up a readiness for the movements of the Kata. It can also nourish the activities in the rest of the day.

Gifts from GRACE

By Charlotte Hatch
The practice of GRACE before the Kata sometimes runs through our minds automatically. But greater gifts come with closer examination. ITP Mastery teacher Charlotte Hatch takes us step-by-step through the best of her practice and reflects on how it affects her life.

Demonstrating GRACE

By Charlotte Hatch
Charlotte Hatch leads the practice of GRACE as a series of affirmations and follows it with the Kata.

ITP Community Spotlight on Rudy Collins

By Rudy Collins, Sally Isaacs
Learn how ITP practices benefit daily life for ITPI board member Rudy Collins. He points out that transformation does not always come as a quantum change. “I have come to realize that transformation, for me, tends to occur from sustained and consistent practice of sometimes small acts.”