ITP for Organizations

Our research-based training, coaching and consulting programs provide an integral approach to human development offering a foundation and tool-kit for extraordinary human performance. With emphasis on creating resilience, mental flexibility, and integral well-being, our consulting services create a new way for people to build relationships and skillfully navigate the complexities of today’s world.

ITP provides an accelerated path for realizing our human potential by developing and balancing our integral nature - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With a focus on self-awareness and life-long learning, participants in our programs and practice groups become agents of change, realizing that as they transform themselves, they also transform their organizations and the world.
Our team of coaches and consultants bring a depth of experience designing and delivering integral learning and development processes for individuals, groups and organizations. Steeped in integral transformative practices as practitioners themselves, our team brings a spirit of collaboration and deep understanding of the human experience to our client relationships. 

ITPI Programs and Services

Leadership Development

Integral Leadership Mastery:  Take your leadership to new levels by cultivating your whole self.  

All people have untapped capacities waiting to be recognized and consciously embraced. The opportunity for extraordinary leadership lies in expanding beyond the mind, inviting the intelligence of body, heart and soul - our physical, emotional and spiritual - as well as our mental aspects. When these capacities are activated by a leader, extraordinary results become possible. Integral Leadership Mastery offers an opportunity for leaders to explore their vision and create a roadmap for bringing that vision alive.
This program can be customized for a team or group development journey and can also be shaped to address particular organizational challenges and opportunities.

Team Development

The Ki of Cooperation Training Program:  Increase interpersonal sensitivity to deepen connections, inspire cooperation and create positive outcomes for all.

Diverse groups with multiple perspectives and opinions need tools to find common ground and successfully work together. The Ki of Cooperation offers a toolkit that builds confidence and capacities in individuals and teams to move together harmoniously towards a shared goal.

At its core are three main principles:

  • Each individual has the power to influence the outcome of cooperation by reaching inside and bringing the best version of self to the table.
  • Personal performance is optimized when utilizing all intelligences residing in the whole person.
  • Cooperation works best when we are receptive to and move with the collective flow of the group’s energy, or ki, Japanese for the flow of energy.

With emphasis on eight practices for achieving team cooperation, this training includes an artfully designed 75-page guidebook, an online community of practice, and tools for staying centered during disruption. This program can be customized to align with your organization’s culture and strategic direction.


ITP coaching supports you to envision your future, navigate challenges and apply new skills for effectiveness in all aspects of your work and life.

Coaching is offered as a complement to our training programs as well as a stand-alone service. Personalized support is an important component for individuals and teams to integrate new capacities during a learning journey. Our experienced coaches will ensure your development path is clearly outlined to meet your vision for success.

Practice Groups

ITP reinforces consistent, intentional practice over time to develop and sustain new competencies and capacities.

Creating learning journeys for individuals and teams is one of our specialties.  Members of a practice community are in an ideal position to enjoy an expanded network, an uplifting learning experience, and transformation. We provide confidential, private online Practice Groups for program participants to connect, learn, and support one another.

Custom Program Development

We are happy to meet with you to assess and address your unique needs. With more than 15 years of integral learning program design, development and delivery, the ITP International consulting team is skilled at providing our services in-person, online, or hybrid.  Working with ITP, you will discover a rare depth of human potential inside you, ready to be shared. Please contact Pam Kramer or Roger Marsh to schedule a call to discuss the possibilities.