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ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2022

Supporting your practice and cultivating your extraordinary nature In this final issue of our 2022 quarterly newsletter, we share tools and resources for supporting your practice and cultivating your extraordinary nature. We have also included communication guidelines and a meditation on love to help you navigate this holiday season and beyond.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2022

Our potential for realizing extraordinary capacities for personal and social transformation This third issue of our 2022 quarterly newsletter centers on the theme of our potential for realizing extraordinary capacities for personal and social transformation.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2022

The powers of body, mind, heart and soul This second issue of our 2022 quarterly newsletter centers on this theme of body, mind, heart and soul connection for transformation.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2022

Personal, community and global evolution This first issue of our 2022 quarterly newsletter touches on the theme of personal, community and global evolution. Our integral transformation inevitably inspires a ripple effect to include our relationships and beyond.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Autumn 2021

The power of inquiry and research In this issue, read about the spirit of possibility that launched ITP's first experimental class and the research our co-founders employed to verify ITP efficacy, along with subjective findings.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2021

In our Summer issue, we honor ways community nurtures our ongoing growth and breathes new life into us. Enjoy viewing the videos and reading the articles about the riches found in our community. This may be an ideal moment to pause and reflect on what community means to you and to experience gratitude for the blessings of it in your life.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2021

In our Spring issue, we continue to explore what makes ITP distinctive, generative and ever-evolving. Imagine the practice of ITP as a 4-legged stool with these sturdy legs: theory, practice, community and research. These components are designed to provide a balanced approach for our transformative journey. Let's take a peek at those elements now.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2021

This Quarterly issue focuses on the power of vision and the worldview that informs our practice. The stories below honor our roots and illustrate how the four legs of ITP - Vision, Practice, Community and Research - continue to inform and evolve our pioneering endeavor.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2020

2020 marks our 15th year as a non-profit organization. In honor of this occasion, we spotlight the ITP 9 commitments in this issue, which form the basis for our practice. Enjoy viewing video clips and reading articles submitted by our wonderful ITP teachers, as each reflect on the personal impact of the commitments on their lives.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2020

This summer newsletter features the interplay of personal and social transformation. Practitioners have experienced inner and outer fine-tuning through our programs, Integral Leadership, The Ki of Cooperation and Creating Harmony. Enjoy reading personal gems from our contributors about their learning.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2020

Enjoy reading vignettes about ITP core practices drawn from The Life We Are Given and articles submitted by community members about practices near and dear to their hearts.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2019

This newsletter features the mental aspects of the integral, with our contributors sharing personal takeaways from their recent learning experiences at ITP events. Enjoy soaking up gems for your practice.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2019

This newsletter showcases the physical aspect of the integral and ways to explore body-based fitness through our practice. Enjoy reading articles from our contributors on the power of Aikido, strength training, aerobics and ways to nourish the body.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2019

This issue shines light on the Heart aspect of the integral and the vast power of love - the central impulse of our practice. Our contributors take us on a journey to explore the meaning of love and the challenges we may face opening our hearts.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2018

In this Spring issue, we feature the theme of creativity in its many forms. Suggest you set aside some time, take a few full body breaths and delight in reading the inventive ways our guest writers explore the topic.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2018

In this winter issue, we focus on "the budding limbs and organs of our supernature," as Michael Murphy describes our supernormal capacities in The Future of the Body and other works. Enjoy what our writers have to say about our evolving nature.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2017

In this issue, we feature the necessity of practice to maintain our balance, agility and well being under extreme pressure. Discover insights from our contributors about the strength derived from staying connected to one's practice and experiencing the support of our global community as we do just that.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2017

In this issue, learn how practitioners and ITP groups experience wonder in their worlds - through art, poetry, the blending of cultures, sacred text and the expansion of the mind.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2017

This issue features articles on the powers of practice. From creating your vision, to crafting intentions that are strengthened through conscious practice, we are able to navigate life's challenges with greater effectiveness, creativity, ease - and joy.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2017

Enjoy the articles related to love and the practice of the extraordinary in this issue. We dedicate this newsletter to the power of love and its capacity to heal and help us to flourish.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2016

This issue showcases the relationship of mind and heart. Enjoy learning how our contributors explore the topic from their particular vantage point - be it global transformation, expression of feelings or technologies aimed at supporting heart consciousness.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2016

Read about the "extraordinary" in this issue as well as "Spirituality and the Sporting Life," the making of the LET video, George Leonard's "In the Beginning" in which he talks about the evolution of the human brain.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2016

Our ITP newsletter contributors - practitioners with their own flavor of creative genius - share how the creative process flows through them, aided by their practice. Enjoy this exploration, which includes poetry, art and creative interpretations of the Kata and Leonard Energy Training. Learn how even Mastery in the Heartland is also an outgrowth of the creative process.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2015

The theme for this newsletter is on fitness and the extraordinary experienced in sport. This Summer Issue is dedicated to the extraordinary that can be experienced in sport - all types - including snorkeling, golf, mindful walking and the ITP Kata! Enjoy the afterglow of our Catching Fire conference with a synopsis of the event and 10 key ideas for keeping the flame alive.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2015

Enjoy hearing more about Catching Fire in this issue and the ITP group leader gathering May 15 - 17 at Earthrise. Also, read about new works coming out of CTR.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2015

In this issue, Michael Murphy honors George, their friendship and the impact he had on the lives of so many. Also read about the "Surprising Power of Joy," "Embodied Affirmations in ITP," and perspectives "On Vision" and "Integral Fitness." And Pam Kramer shares why Charlotte Hatch is a central figure of ITP and her being honored at ITPI's annual For the Love fundraising event.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2014

In this issue, we focus on ways to nurture the body----to honor its wisdom and what it needs to recharge and be nourished. Please take a few moments to learn from our inspiring contributors about the interplay of LET and tango, sustainable fitness, integral practices in the field of sport and a special feature on the wisdom of the body by George Leonard.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2014

Enjoy reading about the "fruits of accomplishment" with our initiative to bring Mastery teachers to ITP groups for specialized trainings and support. Learn about our recent LET customized program for clients from Japan, a testament to our teaching team and ITPI's consulting expertise. Alos, take in highlights from our wonderful Chicago events with our Greenheart partners.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2014

In this issue, we feature how our extraordinary nature is built right into our animal bodies and how our evolving practice sets the stage for realizing our budding supernature. Read how ITPI chair Christina Grote offers a glimpse of the vision of human development outlined in Michael Murphy's The Future of the Body and how George Leonard profiles the human brain in his 2008 Human Potential Chronicles. Also, enjoy learning how Leadership Transformed 2014 presenters Penney Peirce and Rachel Hamilton impart inventive and playful ways to greet others with curiosity, empathy and compassion - all extraordinary capacities at our fingertips.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2014

ITP Houston's Jerry Patchen shares his thoughtful words about Lydia Dugan, who he considers to be "Houston's First Lady of Transformation" and who was ITP's For the Love Fundraiser Honoree. Lydia shares her insights on "The Importance of Practice" and read a perspective on a unique gathering in Sedona to explore how to transform the planet.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2013

Enjoy reading the stories in this issue of how ITP teachers, practitioners and group leaders have embarked on their path of practice and are making a difference in the world. Step inside their lives and see how we are all growing and lighting up the planet together.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2013

In this issue, we focus on leadership----starting with being a powerful leader of our own life and then serving the world from a grounded, centered place. Read about Leadership Transformed, our spirited May retreat at Asilomar, co-sponsored with Greenheart International along with examples of selfless service shared by our members.