ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2021

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2021

The Enduring Joys of Practice - Excerpt from The Life We Are Given by George Leonard & Michael Murphy

ITP Worldview that Informs the Practice by Michael Murphy (video)

The Paradox of Practice by Christina Grote

Clarifying Our Worldview to Inform Our Practice - Interview with Max Gaenslen (video)

Leonard Energy Training: Basic Centering Led by Charlotte Hatch (video)

Power of Practice in Action - Interview with Kim Kristenson-Lee

Sustaining Your ITP Group in a Time of Covid - Presentation by Michael Choy (video)

The Understudied Side of Contemplation by Michael Lifshitz, Josh Brahinsky and TM Luhrmann

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By George Leonard, Michael Murphy, Christina Grote, Max Gaenslen, Charlotte Hatch, Kim Kristenson-Lee, Michael Choy, TM Luhrmann, Michael Lifshitz, Josh Brahinsky