ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2022

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2022

Supporting your practice and cultivating your extraordinary nature

In this final issue of our 2022 quarterly newsletter, we share tools and resources for supporting your practice and cultivating your extraordinary nature. We have also included communication guidelines and a meditation on love to help you navigate this holiday season and beyond.

Loving Action Toward Global Transformation - Read about how the power of evolutionary love could be the means for creating positive and lasting change around the world.

Integration as a Launchpad Toward Our Full Potential (video) - In this guided exercise, you will have a chance to notice how we can connect with our different parts and sense into and awaken to the messages that they have for us.

Stepping On the Path of Integral Leadership (videos) - Integral Leadership participants, Dusty Niles and Lisa Wade, share what Integral Leadership means to them and how it is being expressed and realized in their daily lives.

Powers of the Heart; A Guided Meditation for Practicing Love (audio) - In this guided meditation, led by ITPI board chair and longtime practitioner Christina Grote, you will enjoy a practice in sending a blessing to yourself or others.

Helpful Guidelines to Foster the Ki of Cooperation this Holiday Season, and Beyond! (PDF) - As we prepare for the festive weeks ahead, we offer communication guidelines below, inspired by ITP's Ki of Cooperation program.

ITP Community Spotlight on Sally Isaacs - Learn more about Sally Isaacs and the experience and insight she's gained as an ITP practitioner.

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By Emanuel Kuntzelman, Pam Kramer, Barbara Brown, Dusty Niles, Lisa Wade, Christina Grote