ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2023

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2023

How can we honor the paradox of both being and becoming?

ITP encourages appreciation of who we are now and, at the same time, affirms the positive transformation we seek of our future selves. Both are true. What are you noticing about where you are now and where you want to be in 2023?

Back to Basics, ITP Essentials (blog post) - Dive into the ITP website and the book The Life We Are Given with Sally Isaacs, ITP Community Member and Newsletter production collaborator, to look for the basics upon which ITP has flourished.

Transform Yourself, Transform the World (video) - Hear ITP founders, George Leonard and Michael Murphy share ITP history and wisdom in this short video.

Living an Extraordinary Life: The Magic of Integral Transformative Practice - coming soon! (blog post) - Enjoy this interview with Pam Kramer as she answers some questions about the new book.

Introducing ITPI Path of Practice Membership (blog post/video) - Tune into a short interview of Mastery teacher Roger Marsh hosted by Pam Kramer to hear about the updated membership package called Path of Practice that provides more support to the ITPI global members.


The Power of Intentions (web page) - Designed for busy lives, check out these 9 Core Practice Intentions and tap into the potentially significant impact they can have on you and your community when integrated into your work, family life, and daily activities.

Balancing and Centering Exercise (blog post/recording) - Try this balancing and centering exercise to help you return to a calm and accepting state when you find yourself thrown off balance.


Community Spotlight on Annie Ellicott (blog post) - Learn more about Annie Ellicott and the experience and insight she's gained as a practitioner over the years.

ITP Tulsa Explores the Power of the Imagination (blog post) - Read about how the ITP Tulsa group upped their game which has yielded amazing results including strengthening the community in Tulsa, personal insights, deepening of integral practice, and lots of fun.

Where to Begin? (PDF) - Getting started can be challenging and invigorating. Poet David Whyte encourages us to take the first step with his poem, Start Close In.

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By Sally Isaacs, Pam Kramer, Roger Marsh, George Leonard, Michael Murphy, Lucy Piper, Annie Ellicott