ITPI Newsletter Articles - Autumn 2021

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Autumn 2021

The power of inquiry and research

In this issue, read about the spirit of possibility that launched ITP's first experimental class and the research our co-founders employed to verify ITP efficacy, along with subjective findings.

The Adventure Begins - An excerpt from Chapter 2 in The Life We Are Given - Read about the research component guiding the early days of Integral Transformative Practice.

Personal Practice as Ongoing Transformative Research - ITPI Member Jill Robinson shares how research is an important core value of ITP, but can sometimes be overlooked.

Recent Scientific Research Within ITP and What Has Emerged (video) - ITP President, Pam Kramer, joins in conversation with researchers Josh Brahinsky and Michael Lifshitz to talk about their recent research connected with ITP, interesting questions that have emerged and what comes next.

From a Pioneering Class Experiment to a Dedicated Path of Practice - Hear from Charlotte Hatch on what it was like to be a part of a pioneering program and how this experience has carried over into her current, daily practice.

Extraordinary Capacities in the ITP Community (video) - Cherri Harper shares how she increased her bone density, despite her physical therapist telling her it wasn't possible.

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By George Leonard, Michael Murphy, Jill Robinson, Pam Kramer, Josh Brahinsky, Michael Lifshitz, Charlotte Hatch, Cherri Harper