ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2021

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2021

Evolutionary Panentheism in Practice - A Conversation with ITP co-founder, Michael Murphy and Roger Marsh, ITP Mastery Teacher (video)

Adventures with Integral Transformative Practice with Pamela Kramer - Featured interview hosted by The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (video)

Cultivating Transformation Through Your ITP Kata Practice by Eric Carlson, ITP Teacher and Integral Leadership member

Experiencing GRACE - Charlotte Hatch, ITP Mastery Teacher, guides us in the opening of the ITP Kata

Spotlight on ITP Practitioner, Ann Horn

Community Group Spotlight on ITP Kansas (video)

The Power and Importance of Theory and Research in Our Evolving Path of Practice - Interview with Barry Robbins, ITPI Vice President and Mastery Teacher (video)

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By Michael Murphy, Roger Marsh, Pam Kramer, Dr. Shamini Jain, Charlotte Hatch, Jill Robinson, Barry Robbins