ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2020

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2020

Selected content from Spring 2020:

Navigating Covid-19 Wisdom and Practices for Staying on your Path: Member passages and videos about their experiences in uncharted territory

Charlotte Hatch
Donita Decker
Kim Kristenson-Lee
Roger Marsh
Sally Mahé
Tom Lewis (video)
Marcia Beauchamp (video)
Armando Cardenas (video)
Rachael Feigenbaum (video)
Max Gaenslen (video)

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By Charlotte Hatch, Donita Decker, Kim Kristenson-Lee, Roger Marsh, Sally Mahé, Tom Lewis, Marcia Beauchamp, Armando Cardenas, Rachael Feigenbaum, Max Gaenslen