The Evolutionary Journey of Integral Transformative Practice

Integral Transformative Practice is rooted in the human potential movement of the 1960s. ITP’s journey began on a synchronistic February evening in 1965, when George Leonard, an award-winning journalist and author, and Michael Murphy, co-founder of Esalen Institute, met at a dinner party in San Francisco. Their introduction and spirited conversation that evening would blossom into a life-long friendship and partnership in helping people awaken to their full potential.

After years of leading transformational workshops at Esalen, these two human potential pioneers were ready to experiment with their ITP curriculum. In January of 1992, thirty-six participants were selected to form the first experimental ITP group in Mill Valley, CA.

For 11 months, members met weekly for group support, discussion of assigned readings, transformative work in Leonard Energy Training (LET) and a 40-minute integral series of exercises called the ITP Kata.

The goal of this first ITP group was to:
  • Create an integral practice that fits within a busy lifestyle
  • Enjoy increased centeredness, health and growth in body, mind, heart and soul
  • Experiment with transformation of the body, from the ordinary to the extraordinary

With the help of analysts and the careful recording of data, they discovered a strong correlation between a success in transformation with those who were dedicated to daily practice. The foundation was set for a consistent, long-term program that dismissed the quick fix approach and instead embraced the plateaus and peaks of transformation.

A seed had been planted during that mid-winter encounter in 1965, and over 25 years later, ITP continues to support George and Michael’s belief in the evolution of body, mind, heart and soul through long-term practice.

ITP Milestones

ITP Milestones


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