ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2023

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Summer 2023

Take a moment to read about the various facets of the philosophy that shape our practice and learn from contributors about their interpretation of ITP’s worldview.

The Worldview of Wonder (blog post) - Explore what Loriliai Biernacki, Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder, has written about the meaning and role of wonder in excerpts drawn from her recent book, The Matter of Wonder: Abhinavagupta’s Panentheism and New Materialism.

What I Love About the ITPI Worldview (blog post) - Roger Marsh, ITP’s Director of Training and Consulting, shares his thoughts about the ITP worldview.

Embracing our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity – Excerpt from The Holomovement (blog post) - In this excerpt, taken from The Holomovement anthology, co-authors Jill Robinson and Rhiannon Catalyst consider why honoring and nurturing our truest selves is critical in our collective transformation.


A Visualization Practice for Seekers and Sages (recording) - Listen in on our Seekers & Sages session with Michael Lifshitz as he describes how we use imagination in our lives and with our interconnectedness to one another.

Energy Arm – Leonard Energy Training Exercise, with Charlotte Hatch (video) - In this LET exercise led by ITP and LET teacher Charlotte Hatch, notice how your body can align harmoniously with what you hope for yourself and others.

Practice of Evolutionary Love, with Max Gaenslen (video) - ITP Mastery teacher Max Gaenslen, demonstrates the significance of loving yourself as a portal to loving others and all of life.


Community Spotlight on Judith Closson (blog post) - Judith Closson shares how attending a class at Esalen Institute in the 90s, led by George Leonard and Michael Murphy, brought her to the Mill Valley ITP group and started her on a path to new outlooks about life.

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