ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2023

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2023

Our Spring Newsletter features the power of practice shared with others in community.

Practicing ITP in a Community Setting Brings it Alive (blog post) - Read Robert's thoughts on how through physical, mental or spiritual practice, consistency and intentionality have a transformative impact on our lives.

How a Person and an Inspiration Started the ITP Tulsa Community (video) - listen in as Annie Ellicott, ITP Tulsa and Integral Leadership Master member interviews Bob Doenges, founder of ITP Tulsa, who shares stories about their group's beginnings.

Co-creating a Leaderful ITP Community in San Rafael, CA (blog post) - Donita writes about the formation of the ITP San Rafael group in 2012 and how it has morphed into a leaderful group filled with generosity of spirit, mutual regard and love - the heart of ITP.

Houston ITP Community Begins Thanks to Synchronicities (blog post) - read how synchronicities that surfaced between Lydia Dugan and Joe Hirsch got the ITP Houston group off the ground in 1996.

The Ki of Cooperation – An ITP Online Community (blog post) - learn more about the Ki of Cooperation community, a global, online community who share the common goal to cultivate harmony through skillful cooperation across boundaries.


Walking Through Eternity: An LET Walking Practice (video) - Try this Random Walk, led by Charlotte Hatch -- walking for its own sake – balanced, centered, and allowing the open spaces to call to you.

Introducing Roger Marsh as a Member of the ITPI Management Team (web page) - Our team is excited to welcome ITP Mastery teacher and long-time practitioner Roger Marsh to our management team.


Community Spotlight on Pam Kramer (blog post) - Find out more about Pam who was the honoree of our For the Love of ITP benefit event on May 2nd.

For the Love of ITP – An Extraordinary Event (video & blog post) - Read about and watch the video of the lively, heartfelt event we had on May 2 at the Marin Art & Garden Center with Rachel Hamilton, Improv Extraordinaire, as our guide.

The Magic of Community, Excerpt from The Life We Are Given, chapter 13 (PDF) - How can we summon up the feeling of community, of oneness with others that made our life? Read about how surviving hunting and gathering bands give clues to a way of living that takes us back to our earliest days.

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By Robert Stewart, Robert Doenges, Annie Ellicott, Donita Decker, Joe Hirsch, Ann Horn, Charlotte Hatch, Pam Kramer, Sally Isaacs, George Leonard, Michael Murphy