Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh

Roger Kenneth Marsh is committed to evolving humanity to a more peaceful, joyful and love-based state. He has been practicing ITP since 2004 when he helped establish and lead ITP Walnut Creek in Northern California. Roger has continued to develop his leadership through all ITP Mastery programs since 2008 and has been co-leading and convening ITP Group Leader gatherings since 2012. Through his company, Beyond Belief LLC, Roger is a leadership coach opening the hearts and minds of leaders around the world. With a BS in engineering and MBA, he brings a grounded and pragmatic approach to the further development of our human capacities.

Evolutionary Panentheism in Practice

ITP co-founder Michael Murphy and ITP Mastery teacher Roger Marsh discuss how ITP as a practice is coherent with the underlying theory and philosophy of Evolutionary Panentheism.

ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - June 2021

Exploring the Power of the ITP Kata – This month's newsletter features a number of resources to explore the power within our ITP Kata practice. We hope the tools below offer ways to deepen your connection to the Kata in its entirety, the physical movements and the imaging and meditation segments. For so many of us that have not been able to enjoy being guided through the Kata this past year, you'll also enjoy a video from ITP president and Mastery Teacher, Pam Kramer, leading us through the Kata in its entirety.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2021

In our Spring issue, we continue to explore what makes ITP distinctive, generative and ever-evolving. Imagine the practice of ITP as a 4-legged stool with these sturdy legs: theory, practice, community and research. These components are designed to provide a balanced approach for our transformative journey. Let's take a peek at those elements now.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2020

2020 marks our 15th year as a non-profit organization. In honor of this occasion, we spotlight the ITP 9 commitments in this issue, which form the basis for our practice. Enjoy viewing video clips and reading articles submitted by our wonderful ITP teachers, as each reflect on the personal impact of the commitments on their lives.

ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - October 2020

A Deeper Look at the Worldview that Informs Our Practice – Understanding the underlying foundation of Integral Transformative Practice can be helpful in staying on the path of personal growth, as well as course correcting when necessary. This month’s Practice Resources Newsletter sheds light on the worldview or theory that informs our practice, as described in the white paper written by Michael Murphy, The Emergence of Evolutionary Panentheism. This worldview, that the divine is both immanent and transcendent, sets the stage for awareness of our extraordinary capacities - that we, and all life forms, are evolving towards a greater realization of our divine, inherent nature.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2020

Enjoy reading vignettes about ITP core practices drawn from The Life We Are Given and articles submitted by community members about practices near and dear to their hearts.