What I Love About the ITP Worldview

A good worldview is indispensable for living an extraordinary life, and the ITP worldview is a good one. It is inspiring, hopeful, and eternal. In contrast to so many worldviews circulating today, ITP’s worldview embraces and encourages the best in the world by embracing and encouraging the best in humanity. ITP sees human beings as essential and integral components for the world’s positive evolutionary advance, and, we are here with an important purpose: the “waking up” of God on earth.

To this end of waking up God on earth, ITP honors the physical reality we find ourselves in. While it may be frustrating, confusing, and at times even scary, we embrace it as our playing field for creating heaven on earth. We recognize the perfection in imperfection; that our cracks and breaks are the places through which the light comes in. And we honor the paradox that we and the world are perfect just as we are, and we could both use a little work.

This worldview encourages a "down and in" type of practice – meaning we bring God, or the Divine, down through our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, and out into the world around us. As we connect with and cultivate the Divine inside each and every one of us, little by little, we bring more and more of that Divine into our own lives and out into the world.

What is this Divine we are bringing out into the world? For me, it is love, and all its flavors: compassion, caring, kindness, joy, beauty, courage, integrity, freedom, humility, humor, awe and wonder, to name a few. Through our integral practices, as we connect with and cultivate our Divinity inside, we bring these qualities and experiences more alive in the world. As we wake up, the world wakes up. That is how God is waking up through us and how we are creating heaven on earth. In a sense, we are midwives to the birthing of God through us into the world, with ITP as a handy guidebook.

Finally, and very importantly, the ITP worldview honors our natural, inherent, organic capacities. Michael Murphy’s The Future of the Body is a testament to this. And quoting George Leonard, “Surpassing the best of computers, the body is fully instrumented, with millions of feedback circuits that provide instantaneous, abundant, and diversified information.” We are divine beings with access to the greatest intelligence of all eternity available to us through our own body, mind, heart, and soul. Because we already have everything we need, it would be wise to move forward with patience and discernment, reflecting on what Michael Murphy has said, that “Behind every technology is a withering human capacity.” The ITP worldview affirms that through our integral practices, we can cultivate our full, natural, and even supernatural, human potential, flourishing into our future, literally creating heaven on earth.

This is what I love about the ITP worldview.