ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2014

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2014

Selected articles from Fall 2014:

The Non-Negotiable Moment of LET and Tango by Tom Lewis

Your Integral Hygiene: The ITP Kata by Roger Marsh

Mastery Cycle 7: New Developments by Max Gaenslen

The Journey of Mastery by Charlotte Hatch

The Transformative Practice of Core Centering: Hara, Peak Performance, and the Integral Movement by Barry Robbins

Sustainable Whole Body Training by Sheri Pate

Flesh, Spirit, and Emptiness - Chapter 3 from The Silent Pulse: A Search for the Perfect Rhythm That Exists in Each of Us by George Leonard

ITP Member Spotlight on Sheri Pate

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By Tom Lewis, Roger Marsh, Max Gaenslen, Charlotte Hatch, Barry Robbins, Sheri Pate, George Leonard