ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - October 2020

ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - October 2020

A Deeper Look at the Worldview that Informs Our Practice

Understanding the underlying foundation of Integral Transformative Practice can be helpful in staying on the path of personal growth, as well as course correcting when necessary. This month’s Practice Resources Newsletter sheds light on the worldview or theory that informs our practice, as described in the white paper written by Michael Murphy, The Emergence of Evolutionary Panentheism. This worldview, that the divine is both immanent and transcendent, sets the stage for awareness of our extraordinary capacities - that we, and all life forms, are evolving towards a greater realization of our divine, inherent nature.

Michael Murphy and Frank Poletti Discuss Evolutionary Panentheism (audio)

Evolutionary Panentheism:  A Theory, Philosophy and Experience

Walking Through Eternity (video)

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By Michael Murphy, Roger Marsh, Charlotte Hatch