Integration as a Launchpad Toward Our Full Potential

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Imagine your body, mind, heart and soul in harmony - one living, breathing organism that makes up who you are. What does integration feel like, what does integration mean to you?

A framework of evolutionary panentheism brings our body, mind, heart and soul together for a purpose. Returning to our center helps us to integrate these aspects and participating in practices that offer balance lead us to integration.

These practices vary for everyone, but the Kata, progressive relaxation, movement, meditation and creative activity like art and music or nature bathing allow us to have awe, intuition, deep sense of understanding that comes when we tap into the magic of the integral.

In these experiences we understand how Integration is closely linked to reaching our full potential.

As we move out into the world, our journey is taking us into parts that may require a little more attention, vitality, balance and integration. This featured exercise uses Leonard Energy Training to tap into our imagination and learn to blend with our body, mind, heart and soul.

In these experiences we understand how Integration is closely linked to reaching our full potential.

What is blending all about? We talk about it often in ITP, where we blend with ourselves or with another or a group to see the world from their perspective. This doesn’t mean we need to change our own point of view, and in that same token we might learn something new and keep that energy flowing from understanding where our partner is, and this case, our partner is inside of us.

This exercise will allow us to bring vitality and awareness to our own integral parts of body, mind, heart and soul. It is meant to help us notice that we can connect with our different parts and sense into and awaken to the messages that they have for us. Consider which part (body, mind, heart and soul) you want to support into further integration or alignment and learn a bit more.

This experience is a way to move toward wholeness while also attuning to each dimension of our being. Through our practice we can shape the direction of our growth and the way we show up in the world.