Stepping on the Path of Integral Leadership

By Jill Robinson
Working in partnership with a cohort of practitioners and coach facilitators, the Integral Leadership Mastery program provided a path of self-discovery, a vision for the future and a close-knit practice community offering wisdom and support. This exploration was aimed at tapping into our extraordinary capacity to produce positive changes in key areas of life that matter most. Integral Leadership participants, Dusty Niles and Lisa Wade, share what Integral Leadership means to them and how it is being expressed and realized in their daily lives.

Integration as a Launchpad Toward Our Full Potential

By Pam Kramer, Barbara Brown
This exercise will allow us to bring vitality and awareness to our own integral parts of body, mind, heart and soul. It is meant to help us notice that we can connect with our different parts and sense into and awaken to the messages that they have for us. Consider which part (body, mind, heart and soul) you want to support into further integration or alignment and learn a bit more. By attuning to each dimension of our being, we can shape the direction of our growth and the way we show up in the world.

A Guided Practice into the Crystalline State

By George Leonard
Learn how to open your mind and heart to stay current with both yourself and others. In this guided exercise led by co-founder George Leonard, you’ll experience how the Crystalline State can provide a means for temporarily setting aside expectations and judgements to offer clarity. This exercise will help you to move with intentionality in a balanced and centered state of being.

Homeostasis and Resistance to Change

By George Leonard
In this spirited presentation, ITP co-founder George Leonard describes the reasons why we humans are wired to resist change and how we can negotiate with resistance in order to grow and transform.

Balancing and Centering

By George Leonard
Bring your entire being into balance during this guided ITP exercise led by co-founder George Leonard. Using the foundational practices of ITP and Leonard Energy Training, you’ll gain an understanding of why being centered sets the course for a harmonious and balanced life, and how to return to your center during life’s challenges.

Inspiring Words From "The Life We Are Given"

By George Leonard, Michael Murphy
Get a deeper sense of the core practices that form the foundation of ITP in this 24-minute audio excerpt from the book, The Life We Are Given, read by co-authors and founders George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

Annie Styron Leonard's Personal Sharing On Extraordinary Capacities

By Annie Styron Leonard
How do we go about transforming ourselves and embodying our extraordinary capacities? In her 2010 ITPI conference presentation, Annie Styron Leonard shares her own neurological transformation and how it relates to ITP and our personal and global evolution.

The Path of Practice: The Key Elements of Lasting Success

By George Leonard
The quick fix doesn’t work. Listen to ITP co-founder George Leonard as he shares his insight on how the key elements of lasting success and positive transformation require a commitment to a long-term, personal practice.

The Magic of the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Connection for Transformation

By Jill Robinson
Judith Closson and Lois Martin, both participants in the Magic of the Integral, a 5-part ITP series focused on our Integral Evolution, join in conversation to share their personal experience with this practice and the power of the mind, body, heart and soul connection for transformation.

Extraordinary Capacities in the ITP Community with Cherri Harper

By Cherri Harper
ITP Kansas group leader Cherri Harper has consistently focused on preventing osteoporosis, but when tests showed a sudden loss in bone density, she created an affirmation, “I care for others AND I care for myself.” Since then, she has increased her bone density twice in recent years. Here is her story.

Evolutionary Panentheism in Practice

By Michael Murphy, Roger Marsh
ITP co-founder Michael Murphy and ITP Mastery teacher Roger Marsh discuss how ITP as a practice is coherent with the underlying theory and philosophy of Evolutionary Panentheism.

A Practice for Honoring the Past and Celebrating Our Potential for Growth

By Pam Kramer, Donita Decker
The beginning of the year is a natural marker to reflect on transformative progress and challenges. Inspired by the January 2022 GLEE call program led by ITPI president Pam Kramer and ITP San Rafael group leader Donita Decker, this practice guides you in setting and aligning with your vision for the year ahead by celebrating your growth and learning from challenges.

Using Pleasure as a Guide in Our Meditation Practice

By Michael Murphy
In this video, ITP co-founder Michael Murphy shares how we can use pleasure as an indicator we are on the right path within our meditation practice in pursuit of ever-evolving transformative experiences.

A Guided Practice in Balancing & Centering from ITP's Leonard Energy Training

By Charlotte Hatch
This guided video on basic centering, from ITP's Leonard Energy Training, provides an easy path to somatic balance and awareness of center. In the ITP worldview, a change in the condition of the body, mind, heart, or soul affects the whole person and so it follows that a balanced body leads to a balanced life.

Learning from an Evolving Community Kata Practice

By Ken Piper
Ten-year ITP practitioner and ITP Tulsa group member, Ken Piper, shares his experience and unexpected ways he’s grown during these past few years, and how the Kata continues to be “brilliant by design” no matter the setting.