Annie Styron Leonard's Personal Sharing On Extraordinary Capacities

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How do we go about transforming ourselves and embodying our extraordinary capacities? In her 2010 ITPI conference presentation, Annie Styron Leonard shares her own neurological transformation and how it relates to ITP and our personal and global evolution. 

When she was 21 years old, Annie was in a motorcycle accident that would change her life. After two years of healing from head trauma, she was able to begin work again but began to experience grand mal seizures. In 1991, just before starting experimental laboratory ITP classes alongside Michael Murphy and George Leonard, she suffered a terrifying seizure, falling onto a halogen lamp and experiencing severe burns.

Fortunately, at this same time she began practicing ITP and created an affirmation: "My brain is completely normal and healthy." After over 18 years, she never had another seizure and can speak from her own personal experience that it is absolutely true that we can transform ourselves through practice.