Cultivating Evolutionary Love

Here are some ways that we can bring evolutionary love into our ITP practice and develop our ability to access this state more easily and more often.

  1. To practice evolutionary love is to aspire to hold yourself and others in their highest potential whatever that may be, no matter what, even if you or they fail to meet your expectations. By taking this stance, we can align with the universal power or energy of evolutionary love and help actualize it on our planet. “Love something. Watch it blossom!”

  2. During the Kata, imagine yourself surrounded by a field of evolutionary or unconditional love that wants your highest good. Bring it in and share it during the water series and transformational imaging. When saying, “My entire being is balanced, vital and healthy,” gather up the unconditional love and bring it to your entire being — body, mind, heart, and soul. Another way is to express love and gratitude to all of the natural world as you do rowing, part of the water series, exchanging energy with nature.

  3. Sending a blessing: Practice sending a blessing or love, positive thoughts to yourself and others that you interact with regardless of whether you agree with them or not or like the way they look or what they are doing. This includes blessing complete strangers or people that you know, even those you see on TV. Your blessing can be just a simple thought like, “I see the divine within you,” or “I wish for your highest fulfillment,” sent with loving feelings. This takes practice and it may be best to start with those close to you. 

  4. Heart love – simply bringing your awareness to the heart center and pouring love onto your own heart using whatever kind of visualization works best for you. Try using the image of love circulating around your body, up through the spine center, out the top of the head and around the body, coming back in at the base of the spine. When the flow passes the heart center, it brightens and energizes it with love each time.

  5. Meditate on this question posed by researcher Dr. Julia Mossbridge. “What if we knew that our highest good is wished for by the universe and the universe was proceeding according to this wish? What would we do? What powers would we have?”

  6. Meditate on this: What if we, and everything that exists in the universe, are made of love? How would we treat ourselves, and each other?

  7. Using our staying current practice, become aware of feelings related to yourself and another, both on occasions where positive feelings are experienced and those where they may feel challenging. Take time to use the practice of skillfully sharing what is alive within you and a request you have in order to enhance the connection. Hold yourself, the other, and your relationship in a state of evolutionary love.

  8. As you practice saying your affirmations, bring the light of evolutionary love to the experience and notice how this may heighten or shift your practice of transformational imaging, i.e., experiencing your affirmations in their highest state of realization and embodiment.