Rich Sigberman

Rich Sigberman

Rich Sigberman has been an ITP member since 2002 where he studied with George Leonard, Michael Murphy and Annie Styron Leonard as an active group member with Community ITP. Rich completed several cycles of Mastery in the Bay Area and in the Heartland as well as Integral Leadership, Journey of Practice series and is a current participant in The Ki of Cooperation training. A dedicated member of ITP San Rafael for the past 8 years, he leads presentations for the group, in addition to the Kata. Rich brings his gifts as an illustrator and artist to the ITPI community through his art, frequently showcased in ITPI newsletters, program announcements and training materials.

My Thoughts About Generosity

By Rich Sigberman
On the face of it, one could think that generosity is directly opposed to the survival instinct. Isn’t thinking “me, first” a major part of survival, and isn’t survival what every thought and action boils down to? This is pretty basic stuff. Why, then, bother being generous? Why give away one’s money, wisdom, and most precious of all, time, to anyone or anything else? Why does generosity, in its purest sense, feel so good?

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ITP at the Drawing Table

By Rich Sigberman
An ITP practice can gift us with benefits in large and small ways. Sometimes we just need to stop and notice what has changed. Artist Rich Sigberman shares what he's noticed.

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Applying Integral Love in Everyday Life

By Rich Sigberman
ITP member, Rich Sigberman, shares what happens when he approaches a task using an integral approach combined with love, and the steps he takes to reach this state in his daily tasks.

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Stepping into GRACE – In this month's practice resources newsletter we honor the core of our practice, the ITP Kata. Enjoy a guided video segment on stepping into GRACE, revisit George Leonard's guidelines for the practice and listen to an ITP original song inspired by this powerful series of movements.

The Kata Song

Add a joyful reminder of the power of your Kata practice in this ITP original by practitioners Rich Sigberman and Tim Cleary.


Click here to listen to the recording on Soundcloud.

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