Applying Integral Love in Everyday Life

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I was reflecting on a particular task I'd recently completed that had a number of errors and needed to be redone. My initial approach was rushed, as if it was a burden to get out of the way. It dawned on me that my way of working led to an inefficient use of time. I began theorizing as to why the task had been done carelessly. 

My conclusion was that this happened due to an absence of love and not tapping into my integral state of being. I further surmised that doing something with love is contagious.

If you love something, you won’t rush through it. You’ll take your time, even if it’s the most mundane task one can think of (“this time, I’m gonna throw out the garbage in an integral manner!”). The end product reflects and emits that love. Observers and recipients understand and feel it. Furthermore, the energy and spirit in that love is contagious.

Here is how I approached writing this essay using an integral approach combined with love:

First, I practiced GRACE and added some stretches.

Before typing, I felt my fingers on the keyboard, imagining electronics and invention that went behind the construction of this computer’s circuitry. Now I had a tactile sense of awe inside, including the history of the invention of the computer, the complexity of the circuitry, DNA from my ancestry, all coming through me.

All this resulted in love, including the subject I happen to be writing about. One may think all this would slow me down, but actually it speeded up the process. I got into my flow more easily.

I was in that zone where nothing else existed, (hopefully) achieved the best possible result and had a good time firing on all cylinders - body, mind, heart and soul - eliminating the usual suffering that comes from multi-tasking. I was in the state of evolutionary love with my best self, the project at hand and those who will receive it.

Do I do this all the time? Sadly, no. Do I ground and center 100 times a day? Not quite there yet. By practicing consistently, I am becoming the version of my best self.


artwork by Rich Sigberman