ITP at the Drawing Table

Spilled ink

Since beginning ITP in 2002, there have been a few desired changes that have sunk in. It took a while (understatement).

The first one is my reaction to a given situation. On occasion, I spill water or ink on my drawing table, sometimes onto the piece in progress. I used to scream bloody murder when this would happen, the anger boiling up in a flash. Now, when it happens, I still have that impulse to scream out, but I don't. I keep that to myself, and quickly cool down. Thus I don't alarm anyone else in my vicinity. Of course, it would be a good idea to not spill water or ink in the first place!

The second one came from Integral Leadership. I've spent many years castigating myself for not being able to make money consistently through my art, feeling like a failure. Not too long ago, a new, kind, and objective voice came into my brain, like a good father might be. Here is what it said: "Now, Rich, you've had many fine moments as an artist. You've sold many pieces of your art and illustrated a dozen books for children and many pieces for businesses. You had zero training in art or business. You will not be the first artist to need to find a day-job, so stop feeling like you failed because that is incorrect."

This was an amazing development! My mind was being my friend for a change and an objective one at that! I answered that voice: "You're right!"

In Integral Leadership, when I presented, there was a lot of talk about "demons" that were bugging me, which is what we often think of with frustrated artist-types. My objective voice addressed that too: "That demons stuff is nonsense, Rich.  You're not haunted by anything; you're not mentally ill. Your frustrations are entirely logical, and not at all uncommon."

And, I said: "Hey! That's right!"