Integral Theory and Applications

Affirmations and the Understudied Side of Contemplation

By Michael Lifshitz, Josh Brahinsky, TM Luhrmann
As part of their ongoing study of ITP, Stanford University researchers, Michael Lifshitz, Josh Brahinsky and TM Luhrmann, explore the practice of affirmations and their discovery of how practitioners embrace the tension between both honoring the present state while, at the same, envisioning positive, lasting change.

The Emergence of Evolutionary Panentheism

In this essay, ITP co-founder Michael Murphy gives an overview of “evolutionary panentheism,” a philosophical worldview that has grown out of the work Sri Aurobindo, William James, Hegel and other intellectual giants and has shaped the foundation of Integral Transformative Practice.

Redefining Aging

Challenge your beliefs about aging in this interview with George Leonard, first published in the 1997 issue of Delicious magazine.

The Human Potential Chronicles

Stay inspired by the power of practice with this series of short essays focusing on the development and unrealized potential within our body, mind, emotional capacity and spirit.

Towards a Larger Earth

Catch a glimpse of our supernormal capacities and how integral practice can propel our evolution in this excerpt from the book, Purpose Rising, A Global Movement of Transformation and Meaning.

Psychology of Meditation

Explore the evolution of the non-dual sense of self through the historical sweep of meditation practices that engender our inner experiences.

Siddhis and Spiritualism: The Upsurge of the Supernormal in 19th Century America

In this dynamic talk with Michael Murphy and Frank Poletti, an expert in the "Golden Age of the Paranormal," you'll gain insight into an extraordinary moment in American history when supernormal experiences were happening with great regularity. Learn how we can learn from history and depict the emergence of supernormal capacities at various stages of cultural history as harbingers of the world's advance.

The Subliminal Mind, Hypnotic Trance and Evolutionary Love

Adam Crabtree and Michael Murphy discuss the unexplored worlds within each of us and the great capacities that can be developed when we learn to recognize and pay attention to these worlds. Learn more about the history of psychical research, different types of trance, and ways of channeling your deep resources to draw out your fullest potential.

The Practice of Transcendental Gastronomy

Discover how food can act as a vehicle for experiencing the divine. In this conversation, recorded Oct. 26, 2011, Tomas Marconi and Michael Murphy discuss the broad aesthetics of preparing and eating food, food as metaphor and expression and how paying attention and being grounded in simple pleasures can act as a balance to the stimulation of the digital age and a cure for the "modern malady of boredom."

IONS Transformation Study of ITP Findings

Cassandra Vieten, from The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), shares her deep knowledge of the scientific study of spirituality and transformative practices in this audio recording. Learn more about the exciting results of IONS’ study of ITP and other relevant findings and research related to transformation.