Integral Theory and Applications

Take a deep dive into integral theory, philosophy and practice. These resources will support your personal practice and offer insight into realizing your supernormal capacities. 

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The Understudied Side of Contemplation

As part of their ongoing study of ITP, Stanford University researchers, Michael Lifshitz, Josh Brahinsky and TM Luhrmann, explore the practice of affirmations and their discovery of how practitioners embrace the tension between both honoring the present state while, at the same, envisioning positive, lasting change.

The Human Potential Chronicles

Stay inspired by the power of practice with this series of short essays focusing on the development and unrealized potential within our body, mind, emotional capacity and spirit.

Towards a Larger Earth

Catch a glimpse of our supernormal capacities and how integral practice can propel our evolution in this excerpt from the book, Purpose Rising, A Global Movement of Transformation and Meaning.

Redefining Aging

Challenge your beliefs about aging in this interview with George Leonard, first published in the 1997 issue of Delicious magazine.