Unlocking Extraordinary Capacities

The Conscious Fertility Podcast with Dr. Lorne Brown

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Under the right circumstances, you could achieve what you perceive is impossible. The ego is a tricky thing. It has the potential to warp your perception and confine you to a reality that negates the good and enhances the bad. Everyone wants change, but it must start from within.

Today’s guest is Christina Grote, co-author of Living an Extraordinary Life. She is a board member of ITP International, where she teaches you how to create the conditions for your body to do what it was meant to do.

Integral Transformative Practice is a comprehensive program that incorporates the body, mind, heart, and soul. In this episode, Christina teaches the fundamental principles of ITP, so you can set the stage for your natural abilities to arise. By doing the inner work and embracing the power of surrender, you can achieve extraordinary things. Your mind may insist that it knows the how and the when, but your body is in continual reciprocity with the universe, a wisdom that is beyond what you can define. Christina details how her experiences with surrender brought her peace, enabled her to access a new reality, and ultimately changed her inner spirit.

Tune in as we explore the full scope of human potential! Key Topics/Takeaways:

Integral transformative practice

Setting the stage

Synchronicities and opportunities

Affirmations and manifestation

Parallel present tense reality

Acting as if affirmations are your reality

Unseen forces of grace

Resistance vs. Surrender

Be your own authority

Unconscious scripts

Continual reciprocity with the universe

Certifiable miracles


About Christina Grote:

Christina Grote grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and made the unusual choice to move to Columbus, Ohio, in the mid-1970s following four years of international travel, living in Amsterdam, Afghanistan, and Montreal, eventually landing in the hill town of McCleod Ganj, India, the seat of the Dalai Lama. A life-long interest in natural healing prompted her to become a licensed massage therapist in Ohio in 1988, practicing many types of body and energy work and the therapeutic use of sound, music, and color. Her quest to find ways for her clients to improve their well-being led her to create self-care classes that included elements of ITP. Her further exploration of the practice led to her starting an ITP group in Columbus in 2004.