A Practice that Continues to Evolve

Path toward mountains

George Leonard and Michael Murphy created ITP in 1991 to offer the world a balanced approach to lasting growth and positive change through an integral practice that helped people to co-evolve the potentials of body, mind, heart and soul. The co-founders reminded us through countless conversations, and in their writings, that ITP was designed to evolve as a practice to meet the changing needs of the culture and world at large. The notion of evolution applied to both the self-evolution of practitioners and also evolution of the practice itself. Thirty-one years later, the practice lives on because we find it works in wondrous ways, is not a one-size fits all and, mostly, because the practice has evolution built into its DNA.

Here are a few highlights and updates on how ITPI continues to evolve its support and resources for the practice: 

ITP's 9 Core Practice Intentions:

ITP group leaders, teachers and board members have consistently encouraged practitioners, themselves included, to adapt the practice to what best supports them in their lives. The 9 commitments were offered as a framework for that development - to be tried out, interpreted and experienced by the practitioner in a manner of their own choosing.

For years, the ITPI board has been grappling with the word "commitment," the connotations that accompany it and the resistance by many to engage in ITP because of fear of not fulfilling the commitments. Board members felt strongly that it was time to re-envision the language of the commitments and, along with the support of ITP community members, co-created the ITP Core Practice Intentions. With a fresh new title and some modifications of content, these intentions continue to preserve the integrity of the practice, based on the desires of the ITP founders, stewards and evolving community.

Living an Extraordinary Life: The Magic of Integral Transformative Practice written by ITPI Board Chair Christina Grote with ITPI President Pamela Kramer.

This new book focuses on the evolution of ITP since its beginnings in the early 1990’s and contains extended material on and new drawings of the ITP Kata, extensive content about our extraordinary nature and a variety of resources for starting and enlivening one’s practice. Anticipated release in Fall 2022. 

Evolving Integral Leadership in the ITP Community:

The Integral Leadership Mastery program, now in its 4th generation, has evolved to offer support and guidance on both coaching and mentoring aspects of leadership. These elements, so needed in these challenging times, are interwoven into program content over the course of 6 months, with practitioners meeting every two weeks to engage in a coaching and mentoring forum.

Working in partnership with a cohort of 11 practitioners and 4 facilitators, the Integral Leadership Mastery program focuses on key principles drawn from ITP, along with coaching tools and techniques designed to reinforce leadership intentions. In tandem with affirming the personal transformation of the individual, it also honors the collective intelligence of the group and affirms the creative contributions of each participant toward a more peaceful, sustainable and loving world.

A Growing International ITP Community

Our ITP community continues to grow internationally, with a new group in Germany and members in the U.K., Japan, France, Sweden and Mexico. We are also excited to be offering a new Monday community Kata session that will connect with our overseas practitioners for a truly global practice.


Photo by Lili Popper on Unsplash