Integral Leadership Mastery Program

A Mentoring and Coaching Forum

May 14 - Oct 22, 2022 (See program details for full list of dates.)
Online Event via Zoom

Want to deepen capacity, clarify your vision or make a breakthrough?

Discover what would be most inspiring for you.

ITP International presents Integral Leadership Mastery – A Mentoring and Coaching Forum – designed for practitioners seeking greater clarity, wholeness, vitality and purpose. This 6-month program focuses on key principles drawn from Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), along with coaching tools and techniques designed to reinforce your leadership intentions.

Working in partnership with a cohort of 10 practitioners and 4 coach facilitators, the IL Mastery program provides a path of self-discovery, a vision for the future and a close-knit practice community offering wisdom and support. This exploration is aimed at tapping into your extraordinary capacity to produce positive changes in key areas of your life that matter most.

Elevate your leadership practice to a new level.

ITP is designed for realizing the highest potentials of your body, mind, heart and soul, beginning inside oneself first. In tandem with affirming the personal transformation of the individual, we also honor the collective intelligence of the group and affirm the creative contributions of each participant toward a more peaceful, sustainable and loving world.

Integral Leadership Mastery Highlights

  • Be guided through visioning exercises to uncover breakthroughs or capacity-building that would be most inspiring for you
  • Design a transformative action plan grounded in ITP's 9 Core Practices to flourish where it matters most in your life
  • Learn and practice coaching skills to increase your ability to support yourself and others
  • Increase your sensitivity to personal and group energies and deepen your capacity to navigate dynamics skillfully and with greater ease
  • Experience multiple modes of learning through writing, visualization, reflection with partners, mindful movement, somatic practice, relaxation and active participation in a community
  • Step into your own leadership style and presence for effectiveness in a changing world
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24 hours class time, 12 hours Kata instruction and practice and 4 hours of coaching – 40 total hours


  • 3 individual coaching sessions (one with 2 coaches)
  • monthly co-coaching sessions with a practice partner
  • support from the cohort and facilitators throughout the program
  • all program materials

Program limited to 10 participants for greatest personal benefit.


Next Steps

To get started, fill out the program questionnaire and send it to Robert. For those requiring scholarship assistance, please also fill out the scholarship questionnaire and return both forms (the program questionnaire and scholarship form) to Robert. A member of our training team will follow up with you promptly to further discuss the program and answer your questions. For more program information, contact Pam Kramer.

As George Leonard, ITP co-founder often said, "Expect nothing. Be ready for anything."

Lead Program Facilitators

Kim Lee

Kim Lee, ACC, unlocks your potential to lead, through action learning. She is works with ITPI as a Mastery teacher. She is founder of Labyrinth Leadership Group, a for-cause organization helping you to navigate your leadership challenges. A leadership coach, she has 25 years’ experience in leadership development.


Roger Marsh

Roger Kenneth Marsh is committed to evolving humanity to a more peaceful, joyful and love-based state. He has been practicing ITP since 2004 when he helped establish and lead ITP Walnut Creek in Northern California. Roger has continued to develop his leadership through all ITP Mastery programs since 2008 and has been co-leading and convening ITP Group Leader gatherings since 2012. Through his company, Beyond Belief LLC, Roger is a leadership coach opening the hearts and minds of leaders around the world.

Charlotte Hatch

Charlotte Hatch, a dedicated practitioner of ITP, has been practicing ITP since its inception in 1991 when she was a member of George and Michael’s “experimental group.” She is an ITP Mastery teacher, founder of ITP San Francisco in 2006 and is a 4th degree black belt in Aikido. Charlotte has been instrumental in the design and implementation of the Mastery, Integral Leadership and the Ki of Cooperation trainings and leads workshops in LET and ITP. Charlotte leads our 9 Commitment Challenge program.

Pam Kramer

Pam Kramer is President of ITP International, a non-profit organization that stewards ITP and the work of its founders, George Leonard and Michael Murphy. Pam is an ITP Mastery teacher, is on the faculty of Esalen Institute and presents workshops at venues in the US and abroad. She is engaged in training ITP teachers, helping to form ITP groups and bring integral principles and practices to the workplace. Pam is a performance consultant and executive coach with 30 years' consulting experience for organizations and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This program is presented and sponsored by ITP International, a 501(c)3 educational non profit formed in 2005 to steward Integral Transformative Practice and the work of its founders, George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) is a well-researched program designed to help people realize their greater capacities and awaken the world to its fullest potential. ITP supports positive growth and healthy change of individuals, groups and organizations through dedicated, comprehensive practice, over time.