The Ki of Cooperation - An ITP Online Community

The Ki of Cooperation - an ITP Online Community

The ITP Ki of Cooperation (KoC) is a practice and a community that builds confidence and competencies for cooperation across boundaries. KoC is deeply rooted in ITP with influences also drawn from Non-Violent Communication and Appreciative Inquiry. The practice rests on three key concepts: 

  • Cooperation is an inside job – To cooperate successfully as global citizens takes skill, resilience, and practice. This practice is designed to equip citizens worldwide to honor one another and work together toward common goals.
  • Ki - the flow of energy – Ki, loosely defined as energy flow, is a central concept to our study of cooperation. Ki flow has a natural organization that is involved in the evolution of individuals and society. 
  • The integral – Effective transformation involves the whole person — body, mind, heart, and soul — where each of these aspects can be seen as “windows” to an underlying wholeness.

We believe in a community of practice. Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern and learn how to do better as they interact regularly. In our case, the common concern is to cultivate harmony through skillful cooperation across boundaries. 

Members of the KoC community engage in conversation through our online Community House. This is where we share our stories, study, and apply the concepts and practices of cooperation as a global community. The Community House offers members opportunities to support one another through posts, direct messages, events, and live streams. Thanks to technology, we have community members from different parts of the world where we can practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The space may be virtual, but the community is real.

Our community is young, and, so far, most interactions have taken place through the written word, like in the old days when we wrote letters to each other instead of text messages. Right now we are engaging in a 16-week journey where members share experiences from our practice every week. In April we hosted the first Zoom meeting inside the Community House when we got together to celebrate Earth Day. We are looking forward to learning more about how to build a vibrant global community with the support of digital technologies. 

Anyone can join our community. To become a member, all you need to do is request to join. Because we are carefully curating this community to optimize the flow of Ki for all participants, you will be asked a few simple questions to clarify your desire and intentions for participating in the community. Typically, we review these requests and grant access to the community within a few hours.

Link to the Community House and request to join the community: