ITP Community Spotlight on Connie Swan


Learn more about Connie Swan and the experience and insight she's gained as a long-time practitioner and member of ITP Tulsa.

How long have you been an ITP practitioner and what first inspired you to join ITP?

Some friends happened to meet a Houston practitioner, who told them about the first Mastery in the Heartland program to be held in Tulsa (2016?). They thought it sounded like something I’d be interested in and passed the info along to me and I checked out the website. As a longtime student of the human potential movement, I found ITP right up my alley and applied to join the program straightaway. The mastery teachers who led the sessions impressed me so much that accepting the invitation to join the local Thursday group was an easy decision. I definitely wanted to have what they were having!

While engaging with your personal practice, what insights have you experienced that have made the biggest impact on your daily life?

More than any individual activity, or my prowess – or lack of it, it’s the consistency of practice that powers my transformative process. Embodying the practice of the 9 commitments on a regular basis gives structure to my week as my professional and family commitments continually evolve, and provides me with balance through the many ongoing changes. The most important insight for me so far is that evolutionary love is real; it’s now and it’s us.

You have been actively involved in the ITP community and programs. What programs are you currently participating in and how have you been able to apply what you’ve learned to your work and daily life?

I’m currently participating in the Integral Leadership Program, and am looking forward to the upcoming ITP 9 Commitment Challenge, where I’ll be on a team with other Tulsa practitioners.

I can’t recommend the Integral Leadership program enough. I started out with what I thought was an ambitious project that would stretch me immensely and occupy my attention for the entire time. As it happened, my goals in that area were achieved so quickly that I moved on to apply the Program to leading my life. This is something I’d never taken on. Wow! So many moving parts!

The investment in time, attention, and energy has really paid off. Like many of us these days, I’m pretty Zoom-ed out, but I am grateful that this program was offered remotely, as I wouldn’t have made the travel commitment. As the program nears completion, I realize that it would’ve been well worth my while to do whatever it took to show up as often as necessary to join in this top-quality program and interact with the amazing human beings that share themselves as facilitators.

My work and daily life have been changed so much for the better by participation in this well-designed, multi-faceted program – because it’s changed me! I can’t imagine anything that would make it better except being able to get together in person with my companions on this path.

I think I’ve done the ITP 9 Commitment Challenge every time it’s offered. I love the team option, as it motivates me to keep logging those points for my teammates. I’m not a particularly competitive person, but I’ll walk more than a mile to avoid letting my peeps down, so the point system works great for me and I reap the benefits of practice. Win-win-win!

How has the ITP family supported you in your personal practice?

I cherish my involvement with Tulsa’s Thursday night group! It’s such a great opportunity to share path and progress with like-minded people. I’ve come to count on these supportive relationships to provide inspiration, comfort and joy on a weekly basis, and they never fail to deliver.

What would you say has been the most influential aspect of being a member of the ITP Tulsa group that has changed your perspective or way you approach your day-to-day life?

Our monthly treats-and-share keeps me mindful of my practice and how it’s going. The chance to reflect on and share my consistency – or lack of it – with others walking the walk is priceless. Turns out it’s exceedingly helpful for me to hear what I have to say about how things are going. I’m learning a lot through the chance for deep listening while others share and am gradually developing that skill outside of meetings. It’s an ongoing process, to be sure, but from time to time I find myself actually listening without simultaneously planning my response or coming up with a relatable story all about me, myself, and I.

Any additional comments or insights you would like to include regarding your experience with ITP, personal transformation and/or your community connection?

Shout-out to Lucy Piper, who keeps both Tulsa groups active and on track, and who has become the dearest of friends. Big thanks to her, and to all the mastery teachers and group leaders who embody the practice out loud, up close and personal. Please keep being who you are and doing what you do - you guys rock!