CENTER in the Practice of GRACE

As I prepare to practice the ITPI Kata, each component of GRACE contributes to my journey by setting the busy world aside. The arching factor of entering a quiet moment of stillness brings increased peace and a feeling that right now, all is well. In GROUNDING, I settle and become aware of my existence, feeling the strength of being one with the universe. I RELAX by letting go and releasing all except the present. Being AWARE helps me to prepare as I become ready to seek CENTER. A free flow of Chi helps me be myself and open to ENERGIZE. I recognize that I have become CENTERED when I feel balance and harmony in my body. I am ready to show up to life, full, present and centered.

This act of centering integrates my body, relaxed and strong; heart, open and full; mind, still and alert; soul, present and expanding. I feel that I can find this balance only when I am fully present in the moment. Then, I tap into an inner strength and allow energy to flow freely. This anchor allows for expansion, to release and let go. Conscious energy allows me to relate to my affirmations; to continue imaging and affirming. By letting go, I feel the harmony between my body, heart, mind and soul. Imagery creates a more balanced experience.

Having a strong heart gives me courage that is based on my internal authority to know and be who I am, where I am, and the journey I am taking. Clarity of heart helps me show up without preconceived notions. Open-heartedness provides nurturing to myself, my family, nature and life itself. This gives me an ability to connect and feel. A full heart allows me to embrace all of life with a sense of wisdom and generosity.

I want to share how learning to be centered has developed in my daily practice. A ritual starts with the intention of creating an environment and being fully present. Upon awakening each day in my home, I open windows and doors to invite in the new day’s light and fresh air -- to give thanks. This is my day! A vivid sense of focused gratitude is mine! My centering creates space to be who I am and to feel the energies of the present moment.

The body has its own wisdom. Allow it to feel itself with love and enjoy life. Then ask yourself, “What do I do on this journey?” Pause and experience awe. Dance with your spirit, run, wander, just be.