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Leonard Energy Training (LET)

The Leonard Energy Training (LET) Manual contains comprehensive instructions and illustrations of LET exercises and philosophy. Originally inspired by aikido, LET is a body-centered method which teaches practical ways of dealing with everyday life situations while enhancing the flow of vitality.

The Life We Are Given

The Life We Are Given is the in-depth guide to the teachings of Integral Transformative Practice™, a pioneering program for transforming body, mind, heart and soul through balanced and long-term practice. Developed by George Leonard and Michael Murphy, two of the founding figures in the human potential movement, ITP is designed to be integrated into busy lives already committed to family, work, recreation and community.

The Tao of Practice

In this DVD, human potential pioneer and ITP co-founder George Leonard leads you through a moving meditation called the Kata, the Japanese word for "form." Designed as a daily, 45-minute practice for people with busy lives, it combines elements of Hatha yoga, the martial arts, modern exercise physiology, Progressive Relaxation, visualization research, and meditation. After presenting general guidelines, Leonard leads you through a full session of the ITP Kata.

The Silent Pulse

This integral and highly transformative book reveals our kinship with the entire universe and all its wonders. To read it is to meet ordinary and extraordinary people who have uncovered remarkable human capabilities. This book is a compelling synthesis of theoretical physics, brain research, evolutionary theory, social psychology and studies in consciousness. ITP co-founder George Leonard weaves together leading-edge findings about rhythms, light, perception and alternative realities capturing a poetic beauty that lies within our conscious reality and beyond.

Sports, Energy & Consciousness

Athletes have long known that their pursuit of excellence can lead to the unforgettable altered state of consciousness known as “The Zone”. This unification of body, mind and spirit can paradoxically lead to peak performance as well as inner peace. Coaches and sports psychologists now include techniques from esoteric realms of energy medicine and consciousness research in order to awaken these highest human potentials.

Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-term Fulfillment

Drawing on Zen philosophy and his expertise in the martial art of aikido, ITP co-founder George Leonard shows how the process of mastery can help us attain a higher level of excellence and a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in our daily lives. Whether you're seeking to improve your career or your intimate relationships, increase self-esteem or create harmony within yourself, this inspiring guide will help you move toward success in all areas of your life.

Golf in the Kingdom

Since its first publication, Golf in the Kingdom has been recognized as a classic work on the deeper mysteries of golf—a gospel of those who suspect, or know, that golf is more than a mere pastime. ITPI co-founder, Michael Murphy's semi-autobiographical book about a young man en route to India who stops in Scotland to play at the legendary Burningbush golf club and in twenty-four hours, his life is transformed.

Leonard Energy Training (LET) Video

This instructional video, presented by LET and Mastery teacher Charlotte Hatch, is designed to work in tandem with the Leonard Energy Training Manual. The video provides a description of LET and its application to daily life, summary of the 9 LET principles and demonstration of practices focused on balancing and centering for individuals and groups.

Inspiring Words from “The Life We Are Given” read by authors George Leonard and Michael Murphy

Read by the authors, George Leonard & Michael Murphy This CD captures the essence of Integral Transformative Practice™ (ITP), as described in the book, The Life We Are Given. This audio collection conveys the passion, wisdom and dedication of co-authors and ITP founders George Leonard and Michael Murphy in their own voices, inspiring you to participate joyfully in a proven program of body, mind, heart and soul transformation.

The ITP Kata

ITP Mastery teachers Pam Kramer and Barry Robbins guide you in a private session of the  Kata right in your own home or workplace. The ITP Kata 2-CD set offers two guided versions of the ITP Kata, the series of movements created by ITP co-founder and aikido sensei George Leonard. It is designed to articulate all the muscle groups and joints in the body and allow for deep rhythmic breathing, relaxation, transformational imaging and meditation. Both CDs are designed for those who are familiar with the ITP Kata, a core practice of ITP.