The ITP Kata

ITP Mastery Teachers Pam Kramer and Barry Robbins guide you in a private session of the Kata right in your own home or workplace.

The ITP Kata 2-CD set offers two guided versions of the ITP Kata, the series of movements created by ITP co-founder and aikido sensei George Leonard. It is designed to articulate all the muscle groups and joints in the body and allow for deep rhythmic breathing, relaxation, transformational imaging and meditation. Both CDs are designed for those who are familiar with the ITP Kata, a core practice of ITP.

Disc one:

This first disc is an instructional version of the Kata, led by Barry Robbins and designed for beginners.

Disc two:

Led by Pam Kramer, disc two is for more experienced Kata practitioners.

For more detailed and visual Kata instruction, add the book, The Life We Are Given and the Tao of Practice DVD to your cart for a complete practice package.

2-Disc CD set

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