Adventures with Integral Transformative Practice

Consciousness and Healing Initiative Podcast Interview with Pam Kramer

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Join Dr. Shamini Jain and President of ITP International, Pamela Kramer, as they journey into the power of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) for energizing your entire being and come away feeling refreshed and renewed!

ITP is a comprehensive, systematic approach to personal transformation. It was originally created as a daily practice by human potential pioneer Aikido sensei George Leonard and Esalen Institute co-founder Michael Murphy to help people tap into their latent capacities, realize their potential, and guide self-evolution. Bringing a balanced approach to creating positive, lasting change in body, mind, heart and soul, ITP was the subject of a transformation research study by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The Department of Anthropology at Stanford University is also currently researching the relationship between features of ITP and extraordinary human capacity.

ITP provides a framework for growth, health, well-being and expanded consciousness. At the heart of the ITP practice is a series of mind-body-spirit exercises called a Kata (Japanese for “form,” or series of movements). During our March 5 webinar, experience ITP’s Leonard Energy Training (LET), Aikido-based exercises for tapping into the innate wisdom of the body and enhancing the flow of vital energy.

Discover how ITP can help: increase integral awareness, enliven your sensitivity to the world, create a harmonious relationship between your many parts, develop, define, and achieve long-term goals, and enjoy a balanced, vital, and healthy life