The Science of Generosity

People demonstrate generosity in myriad ways, from gifts of time and money to everyday acts of kindness toward loved ones—and even to deeds that involve substantial self-sacrifice, like donating a kidney to a stranger. But we are often nowhere near as generous as we could (or even aspire to) be. In short: although we have the capacity to be generous, we don’t always act generously. The John Templeton Foundation did an extensive study of “The Science of Generosity,” answering many important questions.

Generosity with Self

By Pam Kramer
Generosity with self is no small feat. We can be more dedicated to giving to others and overlook the importance of tending to our own needs. Generosity with self is essential to transform, especially through our ITP practice. In this essay, Pam Kramer describes her take on the topic.

Ten Steps for Generosity With Yourself

By Josephine Laing
It may not feel easy to be generous with yourself. Many of us feel that our energy should be directed toward giving generously to others. Yet, when we nurture ourselves, we can be more available for others. Generosity with self begins with self-love. Here are ten steps to self-love by Josephine Laing.