Ten Steps for Generosity With Yourself

  1. Say, “I Love You.” Every morning, when you go to the bathroom mirror, look deeply into your own eyes. Say your name out loud and then say, “I love you, I really love you, just the way you are.” If you find this exercise hard to do, begin by looking into your eyes and saying, “I am willing to learn to love you, just the way you are.” In time, with dedicated practice, you will find that this exercise becomes easy.

  2. Forgive Yourself. A lack of forgiveness and understanding can be a block to self-love. Just as we need to forgive and seek to understand others, we need to forgive and seek to understand ourselves. We can begin by simply stating the words, “I forgive you.” Take the time to review your life frequently. Forgive yourself for every event wherein you have felt discord.

  3. Practice Positive Self Talk. Notice when you are blaming or shaming yourself. Realize that these are only mental habits, and that they can be changed quite easily with practice. Lovingly catch yourself, as you would a small child. Acknowledge what is good about yourself instead. Then practice, practice, practice, until all of your thoughts about yourself are loving, respectful and positive.

  4. Treat Yourself Gently. Know that you are your own precious darling child. Realize that all growth takes time. You are embracing new ways of being. It's okay if you mess up a little from time to time. Forgive and accept yourself. Remember that loving yourself is your Divine Birthright. Trust the process and it will come to pass. Gentleness is kindness. And kindness is love.

  5. Think Good Thoughts. Thoughts are easy to change. Find good ones and have them ready to replace any negative ones. I like to focus on gratitude. It can be as simple as being grateful for another new day, or for my very breath which fuels me on my way.

  6. Give and Get Help. Don't hesitate to ask for help and look for ways to help others. We all love to help each other. We feel honored when someone asks us for our help and we always feel good about ourselves when we give someone else help. So it's okay to ask. And it’s okay to give.

  7. Treat Yourself To Robust Health. Eat mostly organic foods from the garden. Get some exercise and plenty of sleep. Drink lots of good clean water. Have fun making a nice healing checklist. Let it include fresh air and sunshine and time spent out in nature. Fill in your checklist every day and always give yourself a gold star.

  8. Have Fun. Laugh and take time to make new friends. Learn some good jokes. Come to the present moment and let yourself be more playful. Sing. Whistle. Tickle someone you know. Do something fun that makes you smile every day.

  9. Do What You Love. At least once a day, do what you love. Listen to your inspirations, even if they are small. Heed them all. Give them top priority in your life. Let them make your day.

  10. Remember Love. Remember that the core essence of our beings is love. Love is what we have come from when we were born, and love is what we return to when we make our transition back into spirit. Remember to look for and see the love in yourself and in others throughout the day. When you step into the flow of self-love, you enter into the great river of truth that flows throughout the Universe. You are then free to manifest the highest expression of your unique part of the great dance of life, united with all of Divinity.


© 2018 Josephine Laing - Used by permission