Josh Brahinsky

Josh Brahinsky

Josh Brahinsky is a researcher at UC Berkeley in Psychology in the Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory, and a Teaching Faculty at UCSC. His work links anthropological and neuroscientific methods to explore the ways contemplation invites and shapes sensory capacity and experience. He studies a variety of contemplative practices, including varieties of prayer and meditation, focused especially on the worship practices of charismatic evangelicals. He did his PhD in the History of Consciousness at UCSC and then a postdoc in Anthropology at Stanford.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Fall 2023

Our fall newsletter focuses on how we live our practice, different for each of us as ITP is not a "one size fits all practice." In this issue, members of our ITP teaching team write about the changes they are awake to in each aspect of their integral being - body, mind, heart, and soul.

The Impact of ITP on the Researcher

By Josh Brahinsky
Josh Brahinsky is a Psychological Anthropologist, working over the past few years in Anthropology at Stanford University, Psychology at UC Berkeley, and now in Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill University. He joined a team of researchers to examine ITP and its effect on its practitioners. This project took him beyond academia.

Affirmations and the Understudied Side of Contemplation

By Michael Lifshitz, Josh Brahinsky, TM Luhrmann
As part of their ongoing study of ITP, Stanford University researchers, Michael Lifshitz, Josh Brahinsky and TM Luhrmann, explore the practice of affirmations and their discovery of how practitioners embrace the tension between both honoring the present state while, at the same, envisioning positive, lasting change.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Autumn 2021

The power of inquiry and research In this issue, read about the spirit of possibility that launched ITP's first experimental class and the research our co-founders employed to verify ITP efficacy, along with subjective findings.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Winter 2021

This Quarterly issue focuses on the power of vision and the worldview that informs our practice. The stories below honor our roots and illustrate how the four legs of ITP - Vision, Practice, Community and Research - continue to inform and evolve our pioneering endeavor.

ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - April 2020

Our extraordinary potential – In this month's practice resources newsletter, we share an article written by our Stanford University partners on the significance of affirmations in realizing our personal evolution. We also explore the emergence of supernormal capacities in history and ways we can notice and embody our extraordinary potential.