Seekers and Sages

Transformative gatherings for enriching our lives

May 22, August 21 and November 13

Online Event via Zoom

What's capturing your imagination these days? How do you want to share your gifts? There is a universal Seeker and Sage in each of us that is drawn to inquire, impart wisdom and grow. This series sheds light on both the Seeker and the Sage inside of you and invites you to shine brightly.

Join us for four enriching sessions featuring transformational speakers motivated to inspire us on our journey and learn from our community as well. Enjoy the chance to gather, connect, and feel that sense of belonging that feeds the soul. Bring your spirit of curiosity, a sense of wonder, and wholehearted participation. The sessions include experiential practices, partner breakouts, and large group conversations. Show up as you are!

Series Schedule – all dates are online via Zoom, Wednesdays, 9 – 10:30 am PT

With a special Kata offering by Charlotte Hatch, ITP teacher, at 7:45 am PT.

February 14
Guest:  Jeff Kripal, hosted by Christina Grote

May 22
Guest:  Adam Crabtree, hosted by Christina Grote

Adam Crabtree, author and psychotherapist, will discuss evolutionary love as described in his 2017 book Evolutionary Love and the Ravages of Greed. Together, we will explore what evolutionary love means to us and experience an induction exercise led by Adam, along with Q&A, group conversation, movement, and great spirit!

August 21
  Shamini Jain, hosted by Pam Kramer

November 13
Guest:  Emanuel Kuntzelman, hosted by Christina Grote


Session Panel

Christina Grote

Christina Grote is a practitioner, ITPI board member and leader of Integral Transformative Practice, a long-term program for realizing the fullest potential of body, mind, heart and soul. She is co-author of Living an Extraordinary Life: The Magic of Integral Transformative Practice with Pam Kramer. Christina founded ITP Columbus and co-founded Good Medicine, an educational center in Columbus, Ohio.

Adam Crabtree

A former Benedictine monk and Roman Catholic priest, Adam moved to Toronto to study philosophy but stayed on to engage in psychodynamic psychotherapy and train to be a psychotherapist. He wrote extensively about dissociation, hypnosis, and trance states, and the history of psychotherapy. Adam participated in the Survival Seminar of the Esalen CTR for fifteen years. Adam was lead presenter at an ITP workshop, What's Love got to do with It, held in Marin County in 2012.