Seekers and Sages Community Circle Series

Tapping into the Wisdom of Our Community

February 9, April 20, July 27, November 30

Online Event via Zoom

Join us for an enriching community experience that embodies both the Seeker and Sage in us all. This 4-part series offers a chance to gather, connect, inquire and practice together.

Facilitated by Improv extraordinaire and ITP enthusiast Rachel Hamilton, in conversation with a fellow member, this program is designed for you to tap into the wisdom of our community and share yours. Giving and receiving! Feel that sense of belonging that feeds the soul. Show up just as you are.

"For me, gathering with the ITP community has been an anchor in these isolated times. When I sign into an ITP event and I see all the beautiful faces in the Zoom room, I feel a sense of belonging that feeds my soul."

- Rachel Hamilton

Series Schedule

February 9 with Max Gaenslen, ITP Mastery teacher

April 20 with Jerry Patchen, ITPI member & former ITPI Board member

July 27 with Christina Grote, ITPI Board Chair

November 30 with Jill Robinson, ITP Mastery Teacher & ITPI Member


Rachel Hamilton

Rachel Hamilton is an accomplished actor, improviser, Emmy-nominated writer and director. An alumna of The Second City, Chicago, she was a main stage performer. An Improv teacher with more than 25 years of experience, Rachel has helped countless individuals expand into a more courageous, free and playful version of themselves.