Practice Tools for the Journey

Download worksheets to help you get started on your personal practice, listen to encouraging words from co-founders George Leonard and Michael Murphy and experience core ITP practices like the Kata and LET exercises.

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The Path of Practice: The Key Elements of Lasting Success

Explore the key elements of lasting success, fulfilment and mastery. ITP co-founder George Leonard shares his understanding of the power of long-term practice through the lense of Eastern wisdom, Western research and Ki - the life force of the universe.

Supernormalities of Everyday Life

This section is drawn from Chapter Four of The Future of the Body by Michael Murphy entitled The Supernormalities of Everyday Life. (Pages 54-60.) The types of extraordinary experiences categorized by Murphy, known as “supernormalities,” are recorded throughout history. Many, if not most, have extraordinary experiences that are not triggered by formal discipline. Some appear to be spontaneous, but could be conditioned by certain activities or previous work. These may represent a largely unrecognized aspect of human life, its latent (positive or negative) supernormality. Included in this document, is an inventory that can help you bring to consciousness unusual events you may have dismissed without recognizing them as the glimmering of potential extraordinary capacities. The goal of this inquiry is to help you find a baseline.

ITP Practice Guide

Whether you are new to ITP or a seasoned practitioner, this guide will help you set clear intentions and outline steps to make positive changes in body, mind, heart and soul.