ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - March 2021

ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - March 2021

Extending Our Practice Outward in Service

This month's newsletter features a number of resources to inspire you to find your own unique way to extend your practice outward into the world. Whether it is stepping on a path of Mastery in deepening your relationships or nurturing a collaborative community endeavor, we hope the tools below can empower you in your practice and purpose. As always, thank you for your wholehearted participation in this community. Your own journey has a profound ripple effect on our ever-evolving global family.

Expanding ITP Into the World; Part 3 of the Authoring Your Life series (audio)

The Challenges of Relationships; An Excerpt from George Leonard's book, Mastery

Creating Harmony in Community (video)

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By Michael Murphy, Jeffrey Kripal, George Leonard, Marcia Beauchamp