ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - December 2021

ITPI Practice Resources for Lasting Change - December 2021

Experiencing the Extraordinary

Happy holidays! We wind down the year with our final issue of the ITP practice resources newsletter by focusing on the extraordinary in everyday life. These past weeks are so often a blur of to-do lists and year-end tasks. We hope that the content below offers a gentle reminder to slow down and inhabit a sense of awe in the life we are given.

Attention is Life and How to Cultivate "Exquisite Attention" - Listen in on how to cultivate “exquisite attention,” a finely tuned awareness that allows us to unlock new possibilities for creativity, connection, and luck.

Inhabiting Awe in Everyday Life - A reminder that when we take time to notice beauty, wonder and awe, we are better able to discover the extraordinary within ourselves.

Recognizing your Inner Genius with George Leonard (video) - Get inspired by the potential you have for transformation in this talk led by co-founder George Leonard, and recognize your own inner genius.

Touching the World Exercise - Engage in an enlivening experience of the extraordinary in the ordinary in this Leonard Energy Training exercise.

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By Jonathan Fields, K. Glei, Pam Kramer, Christina Grote, George Leonard