Leadership Transformed: Soul-Based Leadership for Renewing Yourself and Our World

Leadership Transformed: Soul-Based Leadership for Renewing Yourself and Our World

Listen to inspiring dialogue in this three-part series focused on leadership from the inside out, the interrelationship of personal and social transformation and the shared goals of friends of ITP to create a sustainable and better world for all.

Part 1: Intentions for the Leadership Transformed Retreat Emanuel Kuntzelman initiates the Leadership Transformed Retreat by taking us back to the Big Bang and revealing this event as the emergence of evolutionary love. Emanuel positions this evolutionary love as the key to moving through our current world's disorienting dilemma and fall from grace. He helps us see that we are not bound by our past or any sense of karma, and that by connecting with the evolutionary love that is within each of us, we can create a new cause, effecting a world transformed for the earth and all of humanity.  

Part 2: Applying Transformative Leadership for Social Action In this talk, Emanuel presents a way forward for all of us as enlightened, evolutionary leaders, taking our place on the world stage and shaping our collective outcome. He notes that “enlightenment” is not fulfilled if it is not put into action in the world. The new enlightened leader must move beyond empathy; interior insights and transformation must be given life through sharing and engaging with others. We must move beyond simply being good, to being good for some thing.  

Part 3: Closing In Emanuel’s closing message, he recommends that we remain balanced and centered as leaders while we surf the turbulent waves we are experiencing during this pivotal period of history. Emanuel encourages us to practice the law of least action exemplified by the great 6th century leader, Lao Tzu. Be intentional your direction, steer one’s surfboard with minimal movement and then allow for the flow.

The following presentations by Emanuel Kuntzelman, founder of Greenheart International and ITPI Board member, took place at ITPI and Greenheart's co-sponsored Leadership Transformed retreat at Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA in May 2013.

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