Path of Practice membership - Level 2

The Path of Practice Level 2 membership is a year-long program supporting your integral transformation and your connection to the larger, global field of practice and practitioners. 

Join ITP International at Level 2 and up-level your membership! Level 2 includes everything in Level 1 and adds these valuable components:

  • An Integral Assessment - a comprehensive assessment clarifying your current condition and opportunities for growth in body, mind, heart and soul
  • 4 one-hour 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with an experienced ITP program trainer. Use these sessions any way you’d like, including:
    • Session 1: Visioning and practice assessment; clarifying opportunities and stepping on the path
    • Session 2 and 3: Engaging your practice and realizing the benefits
    • Session 4: Reflection, integration, and the path forward
  • 20 percent discount on an ITPI program of your choice - Your mentor will help you select a program to best meet your needs and develop in ways you desire.
  • A copy of Living an Extraordinary Life

If you need any help getting started as a member, or have any questions, please email or call (888) 366-9213. We’re standing by to support you.