ITPI Membership

Back to Basics, Essentials of ITP

By Sally Isaacs
Hello! I’m Sally Isaacs, writing to you from Oradell, New Jersey. I’m stepping in to collaborate with the ITP team to produce the ITPI quarterly newsletters. I’m the reason that the theme of this Winter Newsletter is “ITP Essentials.” I have been a member of ITP for many years. But I’ve stayed on the periphery. I practice the Kata alone. I write, revise, and lean into my affirmations. I skim through the emails and newsletters and assume that I do not do enough or know enough about ITP to engage in it wholeheartedly. So, I’ve decided to back up and review the Essentials of ITP. I dove into the ITP website and the book The Life We Are Given to look for the basics upon which ITP has flourished. Perhaps you want to join me.