The Journey of Practice Online Training

Come join us on an extraordinary Journey of Practice right in your own home. ITP International is bringing ITP to you with its Online Global Dojo. In this program, you will join in practice with both new and experienced ITP practitioners from all over the world!

Energy is infinite and everywhere. We are connected in the “long body” and can create transformational fields of energy no matter where people are located. You will experience Leonard Energy Training (LET) exercises, elements of the ITP Kata, deep inquiry and inductions, stimulating intellectual exploration, heartfelt human interactions and the transformational power of community - wherever you may be.

Delivered by ITP Mastery Teachers, the program will:

  • Increase understanding and excellence in the essential elements of ITP for any practitioner, regardless of location
  • Create a strong foundation of integral practice and community for all participants
  • Establish a practice momentum that will carry participants forward beyond the program duration
  • Engage new and emerging group leaders in ITP and build confidence and skills in group facilitation