The Purpose Summit: Ignite Your Purpose - San Francisco

The Seminary at Strawberry, Mill Valley, CA


201 Seminary Dr.
Mill Valley, CA 94941


Join ITP International at the 2018 Purpose Summit!

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Have you ever been so fully engaged in a mission that your body, heart, and mind felt like they were all perfectly aligned? Have you ever found yourself in a state of flow and synchronicity where it almost felt that the whole universe was conspiring to support you? Have you ever experienced a moment, or week, or year when your life just seemed to make sense — when your gifts, the world’s needs, and the support to connect the two were seamlessly interwoven together? The more you align with your own unique personal purpose, the more these instances will become less a spontaneous occurrence and more a simple way of being.


This fall, on November 17-18, you are invited to the second annual Purpose Summit San Francisco. This event will bring together leaders, teachers and innovators whose work is at the cutting edge of where purpose is landing globally in business, politics, science, psychology, organizational and leadership development, and personal, social and global transformation.



• Find and live your purpose

• Experience engaging workshops and inspiring speakers

• Link your project to global organizations

• Scale your impact

• Network with a like-minded community of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and spiritual activists from around the world


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