The Nature of Emotion Online Series

Building a Practice of Evolutionary Love




Take a transformative journey with us into the world of emotions. No time like the present moment to awaken to a deeper understanding of our emotions, mindfully meet them and respond with clarity, compassion and heart.

You are invited to use this powerful 6-series journey to cultivate your capacity for communication grounded in evolutionary love - a doorway into your extraordinary nature.


Highlights and Takeaways 

  • Learn about the science of emotions from Stanford University researchers
  • Develop a richer vocabulary of feelings for meaningful connection
  • Explore ways to develop your emotional intelligence and well being
  • Increase awareness of "hits" on your path and how to best respond
  • Embody new levels of listening to oneself and others
  • Build a practice of evolutionary love, holding all in its fullest potential

This series is an opportunity for heartfelt connection, as we explore the emotional life to find greater balance, harmony and meaning.


Program Dates and Session Overview

Sessions will be held online on Saturdays, 10-12:00 pm PDT using Zoom video conferencing.


April 11   Exploring feelings and what science tells us 
May 9   Developing emotional awareness and intelligence 
June 13   Noticing and responding to emotions in the body
July 18   Learning new ways of listening
August 15   Practicing evolutionary love
September 12   What's possible now?



$300 to participate / $250 for ITPI members

Register today to reserve your spot and receive the Zoom session link. 

We want you to join us! Pay what you can. Contact Robert Stewart to make arrangements.



Nature of Emotion Series Teachers

Pam Kramer

Pam Kramer

Max Gaenslen

Charlotte Hatch

Michael Lifshitz

Kim Kristenson-Lee

Roger Marsh

Donita Decker

Josh Brahinsky

Lucy Piper

Sally Mahé




"As we grow in love and strength, we become vehicles for the world's growth. We bring new sustenance to our families, new joy to our friends, new light to our places of work. We enhance the physical things around us, and the earth itself." 

- George Leonard and Michael Murphy, The Life We Are Given