Falkirk Evening with Ken Kushner

A Deep and Informative Exploration of the Hara


1408 Mission Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901


Join us for a deep and informative exploration of the Hara, the center of vital energy, presented by Dr. Ken Kushner, Zen Buddhist priest, author and University of Wisconsin Professor. Kushner views “the hara as the intersection of the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the human experience.” As ITP Co-founder George Leonard would say, "A centered body leads to a centered life."

In this enlivening evening experience, Kushner will provide an overview of hara breathing, a means for creating changes in consciousness and a portal into one’s divine nature.

Along with a further understanding of the power of hara, you will:

  • Explore basic hara development exercises and awaken to your own experience of hara
  • View a demonstration of a biofeedback device called the HaraMeter®
  • Experience the impact of the group practicing hara breathing together
  • Enjoy being together in community, exploring a deeper means for centering