Jumpstarting Cultural Evolution: The Key to Moving Beyond Global Crisis

A conversation on how cultural conditioning and intentional communities drive global change


Falkirk Cultural Center
1408 Mission Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901


A vast underground rumbling is beginning to occur – a tectonic plate shift in how we’ve understood what is of value, what is worthwhile, and what success means.

Rapidly becoming outdated, our secular cultural conditioning tells us that accumulation of money, achievement of status, and staying busy and productive determine our self-worth. This worldview is not only unhealthy for us individually, it is not sustainable for our society or our planet.

On the other hand, declining forms of traditional religious and spiritual engagement have experienced the unfortunate side-effects of dogma - obstructing us from experiencing our personal autonomy, inventiveness and creative expression – and as a result losing large numbers of their adherents.

But, what are replacing these waning cultural influences? As we hospice a dying paradigm, how do we midwife a new one? Can we redefine value as that which promotes thriving? 

As global citizens, it is imperative that we reflect on the impact of our conditioning, transcend it, and foster a newly emerging cultural framework that serves the greater good. With steadfast practice and community support, we can nurture a purposeful, generative life that stewards both personal transformation and an awakening of our global family.

Join us for an evening of dialogue with Emanuel Kuntzelman, President and Founder of Greenheart International; Carter Phipps, author and co-founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution and Dr. Cassandra Vieten, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and licensed clinical psychologist as they share insights on what is needed to move from stagnation to transformation in our global communities.

Come early for a reception with refreshments at 6:30 pm. The presentation begins at 7 pm with a brief meditation, followed by the panel discussion and Q&A. The formal program concludes at 9 pm.

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