The Journey of Transformation

with Pam Kramer

Wednesdays in June, 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 - 9:00 - 10:30 am Pacific

Online Event via Zoom

Ready to step on a path of self-discovery, healthy growth and lasting positive change?

The Journey of Transformation online series introduces you to Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), a pioneering program for transforming body, mind, heart, and soul through dedicated daily practice. Created in 1993 by Esalen Institute co-founder Michael Murphy and human potential pioneer George Leonard, ITP International invites you to explore the further reaches of human capacity, with simple exercises that produce complex, well-coordinated and creative results. The 5-session live online series is designed to give you a rich experience of ITP and its power to transform your life, your relationships and your world.

In this series, you will:

  • Engage in self-reflection and exploration to envision your future
  • Create personal affirmations for powerful, positive changes in your life
  • Experience a mindful movement series, the ITP Kata, to vitalize and refresh your whole being
  • Engage in energy practices to balance, center and remain calm under pressure
  • Practice peaceful communication for negotiating effectively in the world and within 
  • Discover the power of an intentional, daily practice for thriving in turbulent times
  • Enjoy a vitalizing connection with others motivated to grow and transform

Through visioning exercises, meditative movement, and powerful affirmations, you’ll build a transformative toolkit for our extraordinary times. Personal and social change go hand in hand. Your positive growth and wellbeing are vital to our evolving human experience and deeply entwined with the health and wellbeing of our society and the planet. Explore how ITP can awaken your untapped potential, allow you to flourish, fulfill your purpose and bring greater joy to your life.

Series Facilitator

Pam Kramer

Pamela Kramer is President of ITP International, a non-profit organization that stewards ITP and the work of its founders, George Leonard and Michael Murphy. Pam is an ITP Mastery teacher, is on the faculty of Esalen Institute and presents workshops at venues in the US and abroad. She is engaged in training ITP teachers, helping to form ITP groups and bring integral principles and practices to the workplace. Pam is a performance consultant and executive coach with 30 years' consulting experience for organizations and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.